World War Z 2

World War Z 2 is the sequence of the film World War Z that premiered in 2013, this time we will be told the continuation of the story of our protagonist named Gerry Lane, who is a researcher who stopped working a long time ago , but, due to circumstances that no one can understand, he had to return to his job because a virus spread to the entire population turning them into zombies, then he has to find out why this situation and find a cure as soon as possible , but humanity could be completely extinguished. However, this sequel will tell us what happens after our protagonist finds a cure that can save humanity, but this may not be enough for the pandemic does not continue to expand. Therefore, as the plot progresses, Gerry will have to discover how the vaccine he has previously found is evolving and see if it continues to work or the virus has mutated completely. So maybe the zombies can be stronger this time. Accompany our protagonist in a new adventure where suspense and intrigue will be fundamental for the development of the film.

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