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The Woman In Black 2- Angel of Death

The Woman in Black 2: The Angel of Death is a film that will be screened in 2015 and found under the direction of filmmaker TomHarper. While the script was found under the adaptation of Jon Croker, however, the story was found based on the novel by Susan Hill. It belongs to a horror genre and the cast was formed by Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine, Phoebe Fox, Oaklee Pendergast, AdrianRawlins, Ned Dennehy, Faith Elizabeth, Jorge Leon Martinez and Leanne Best. The plot of the film is set in the period of the Second World War and tells the story of eight children who are accompanied by the director of the school and a teacher. These characters are evacuated from the city of London and transferred to a village. That’s where our protagonists meet a man named Harry Burnstow, who is a pilot who will also stay in the same house as them. However, the presence of this man in the house will awaken a force that emerges in the dark and has been tormenting for decades to the people and setrata of: The woman in Black.

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