The Wall

The Wall is a film directed by Doug Liman and written by Dwain Worrell, based on a war thriller in which two American soldiers are trapped in the face of the threat of a lethal Iraqi sniper.The Wall 2017 MovieThe movie The wall was starring Aaron Taylor -Johnson (Allen Isacc), and John Cena (ShaneMathews), who played the role of American snipers in the film. In addition to having the participation of Laith Nakli as Juba the lethal Iraqi sniper.SynopsisSangento of the American army Shane Mathews, is a sniper who was sent to inspect an oil pipeline construction area located in the desert of Iraq with the company of the observer Allen Isaac.During the inspection Mathews with Isaac verify that the area is cleared and after the time passes, Mathews decides to pick up the radios of the security guards shot by Juba.However, Mathews was shot and immediately immobilized, so which Isaac proceeded to rescue him by taking refuge in a ruined wall. However, Shane Mathews calls for ransom without knowing that Juba had previously intervened the radio to bring the team of Shane’s soldiers to a trap with no way out.

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