The Last Word

My last word is usually an expression used by those who exercise control, but this time it is a film of the genre drama and comedy that continues to make a difference, and this time brings a beautiful story that will serve as an example for many, Harriet is an adult who has been controlling her whole life, but this time it will not be as she expected it. From director Mark Pellington, with an excellent group of actors like Shirley MacLaine (The apartment, The Force of Love), Amanda Seyfried (Mamma mia !, Les miserables) and Anne Heche (Donnie Brasco). Harriet, who for a time was a great company, tries to control everything around her. So he decides to have control of his obituary, and for this job he hires a young journalist to dedicate himself to writing the same. He contracts this writer to collect from a list of a hundred people his opinions on her and how he is going to to be remembered after her death, what she did not expect was the kind of opinions they had about her. These were much worse than she imagined, so she quickly decides that she must do something to change it because it’s not like she wanted to be remembered and asks her writer to help her build a legacy. From then on everything changes and what starts as a relationship of work and control on the part of Harriet will end up becoming a friendship that will change your life.

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