The Fate Of The Furious 8

In this eighth installment of the fast and furious film 8, the main character Dom and his girlfriend Letty are on vacation enjoying a beautiful honeymoon forgetting for a moment the dangerous adventures, plus all his friends who always accompany him on various adventures they are free of any police charge that fell on them. By the time everything is quiet appears a mysterious and sensual woman who seduces Dom and takes him back to the criminal world, his friends worried about his disappearance and seen again in some crimes come to look for him but can not imagine the change from Dom to Such a point that will be tested and everything to save the family. Dom in this saga will be the villain to be on the side of criminals and justice, also betray his family that he considers his friends, all this caused for a mysterious woman. the film has been made by the most peculiar cities of the planet giving wonderful scenes of action and danger in this film.

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