The Emoji Movie

Your mobile phone hides a whole secret world that you could not imagine exists. Emoji the movie 2017 is the first film production based on the “faces” that are so much used in text messages to make some expression. From the monkey with the eyes covered, to the cone of ice cream make their appearance in the first trailer of this wonderful movie, which gives life to the most used emoticons in the world of mobile phones, you can not imagine how much they hide in them.Textópolis is a hidden city after the application of text messages, which is a bustling place in which all your favorite emoticons live, who wait to be selected by the telephone user. In this world, every emoji has a single facial expression, except for Gene, a very enthusiastic emoji who has different expressions because he does not have a filter. With the intention of being a normal emoji, Gene goes to his best friend. ? and to ? Rebel ? a decipherer of codes of very bad reputation. Together they start a great ?? adventure app ? immersing in all the apps and applications of the phone with the intention of finding the code that can solve the problem of Gene.This movie by Sony Pictures and Columbia was directed by Anthony Leondis (Igor, Lilo & Stitch 2: The effect of the defect), and in its original version Sofía Vergara is the one who gives life to the voice of the emoticon of ? the flamenco dancer ? TJ Miller as “Gene ??”, James Corden as ? crashes those five? and Ilana Glazer as ? Rebel ? Also Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris and Jennifer Coolidge have their participation with other emojin.Sumérgete in this wonderful story and get carried away by the fantastic world of animation that Emoji offers the movie.

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