For this August 29 is scheduled the premiere of Stasis, a film directed by Nicole Jones-Dion which is cataloged as a science fiction film that develops under the story of a post-apocalyptic future. ESTASIS 2017 After an incredible party ended At night, Ava wakes up and finds herself abandoned by her friends, sneaks off to her house to end up in bed and realizes that she is not Ava. She is a fugitive who found a way to travel through time with the ability to being able to steal Ava’s body, her identity and, finally, her life, and it seems that she is not the only one, there are other individuals who are hidden in the past, living in secret with the aim of being able to change the future .Ava is now a virtual ghost, and from there will endeavor to stop these fugitives and thus put the timeline in order.This type of film leave a futuristic vision in moviegoers, that is why the film Stasis 2017 promises to impact movie fans and especially those who love time travel, discover how Stasis develops.

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