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Specter, is a new film that was found under the direction of Sam Mendes and tells us a new adventure in which will face one of the greatest agents and is known to all: the agent James Bond. One day, our protagonist receives a message from the past that will make him take charge of a new mission that will first take place in Mexico and then travel to Rome. In the latter he will meet a beautiful woman named Lucia Sarra, who is the widow of one of the worst criminals in the region. As more goes into the mission, Bond discovers the existence of an organization called as Specter. While our protagonist is on his mission, in London the director of National Security will begin to question himself about the actions carried out by Bond. Once our protagonist finds out what happened he asks for help from Moneypenny and Q, who are two of his friends, to help him find Mr. White’s daughter who is his worst enemy.

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