Seoul Station

This is a very famous film made and directed in South Korea, it is very successful in Asian countries, it is more successful than any Marvel movie. Well this story takes place in the vicinity of the Seoul station, there is a girl who went to live with her boyfriend who is a good for nothing and his parents find out about it. The anguished father goes in search of his daughter and When she arrives at the room where she lived with her boyfriend, a fourth roomed house, she realizes that the couple has argued and her daughter abandons her partner. The terrible tragedy of apocalypse is unleashed, and her little girl finds herself alone in the dangerous streets of Seoul. . Start the search for your little daughter. The animation is not very good, but its script if loes, this story like all zombie movies, is very dizzying, Without a doubt it has a lot of action that develops without ceasing. And what makes these zombies terrifying is the way run these characters, they are very special and unique. In this film there are many special effects, is set in Seoul, designed with a CGI creative technique, tells a story about the survival of several groups of people. Afraid of an imminent invasion of zombies , due to a terrible disease, these groups of people will have to survive using resources that will be obtained in their flight. The city of Seoul is the land where young people will move, hide and fight for their lives. It is night in Seoul, and the central station becomes a home for beggars, one of them shows very strange symptoms, while the girl breaks up with her boyfriend and seeks refuge in the station, but ah I only find a horde of vagabonds turned into zombies. Her father and her boyfriend will have to find her in the middle of the chaos. It is a film directed by Sang-ho yeon, starring Ryu Seung-Ryong. Apart from having a great cast, there are very interesting animated characters. The production is in charge of Finecut and Studio Dadashow. Movie is not recommended for children under 16 years. Release date: May 5, 2017. Its genre is horror and animation.

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