Rock And A Hard Place

A difficult decision is a chronicle that revives the experiences of a youth training camp made by the County Correctional and Rehabilitation Department of the city of Miami-Dade. Undoubtedly one of the favorite films for this 2017. Film a difficult decision 2017The film is directed by Jon Alpert and Matthew O? Neill and starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with the aim of showing a program that can draw young people from the street and transform them into individuals capable of making good decisions and fulfilling their dreams. Synopsis Miami-Dade County Correctional Facility allows young inmates to undergo an intense six-week program to learn from their past actions and achieve a future better for them. A difficult decision catches the lives of young inmates by giving them a second chance, such as reducing their prison sentence and offering various social reintegration aids. In the film you can see the extremes that are being pushed daily inmates, training them with the best training and teaching them how to overcome their failures. Why watch the movie? If you are passionate about n the films of personal improvement, this is without a doubt the best option for this year, here you will find that nothing is impossible to achieve your dreams and that in life everyone has a second chance to claim.

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