Resident Evil-The Final Chapter

The protagonist Alice is one of the last people to survive the great apocalypse that humanity is living since the expansion of a virus called T began, as well as fighting with thousands of undead people affected by the virus. It is the sequel to the event of the movie Resident Evil: revenge premiered in 2012. It tells us about the protagonist in the scene where she is betrayed upon arrival in the city of Washington DC by Albert Wesker, Alice will have to return to the other city Racoon City after being the last exit, but the place is where the expansion of the lethal virus has begun. The umbrella corporation is adding reinforcements that remain of the apocalypse to launch a final attack, it is a race against the little time they have left. Alice from the hand of old partners and an unexpected ally will attack with the advance of the umbrella corporation to give the final blow. In a race against time, Alice will have to draw on old partners, as well as a new and unexpected ally. It will be a battle full of action against hordes of zombies and new mutant monsters. Between losing their superhuman abilities and the imminent attack of Umbrella, this will be Alice’s most difficult adventure to save humanity, which is on the verge of falling into oblivion.

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