Pray For Rain

After spending time in New York, a young journalist returns to her home community in California where she grew up, but discovers that this place is very dry, violent and dangerous. In the film pray for rain, this girl will be required to conduct an investigation into some somewhat mysterious circumstances about the death of her father, becoming a very risky situation.
At the moment that Emma returns to Bella Canejo to attend her father’s funeral, she immediately begins to suspect that he did not die by accidental cause but that he could have been killed.
She and Nico, an old friend from her childhood who is the current sheriff of the city, begin to make a very careful investigation of a list of suspects that is increasing every time. Many of the farmers who perform competitions are often victims of despair , famine and poverty, while the gangs that are in the locality run around and live causing terror to those of their community.
Also the politicians there are fed by greed, and some environmental activists believe that they have taken one or two trackers because of that.
As she discovers new clues, Emma’s life is increasingly in danger, and her desire to discover the truth makes her totally blind, but in the end she finds much more than what she thought she would find.

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