Neighbors 2

This movie is the sequel to Malditos Vecinos, from the year 2014, this very funny movie that is about the coexistence of a neighborhood where the Randers live there, in this neighborhood it is obstructed when a girlhood led by Morgan threatens again to end with tranquility. When their new neighbors, next door turn out to be a group of girls, even more boisterous than the fraternity that lived previously, these neighbors have to ally with an enemy neighbor, to destroy the revoltosas girls. He decides to sell his house, but the brotherhood will be a problem for the people who buy the house, desperate to recover the peace they both profess and have fought so much, ask for help from their neighbor who will do everything possible so that they leave and do not bother The second son of Mac and Kelly is on the way, and the parents are determined to make adults authentically, and decide to move to the outskirts, but when they thought they had recovered the neighborhood, and that it would be easy to sell their house, find out that a female fraternity had just rented the neighboring house. These girls are much more tremendous than Teddy and his brothers, these girls tired of leading a sexist, restrictive, and unorthodox life, They begin to behave very badly, doing whatever they want. Shelby and her sisters, Beth and Nora, find the perfect house, outside in the country, located on a quiet street, the Radherhablan with their great friends, and convinces them that there is no choice but to use an old friend, is a neighbor, as a secret weapon to evict the girls. This infiltrates the brotherhood underestimating the naivety and madness of their young neighbors. Trying to take them out, it’s very funny, I recommend them. This is a movie that has a comedy genre.

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