Monster Trucks

The film tells of a boy named Tripp, a high school student, fascinated by some things, decides to create a vehicle made from pieces of drain that he calls the monster truck, giving life to an imaginable adventure. appreciate in the plot of an accident that occurs in an oil field very close to the town of tripp, where he discovers a very strange creature of the subway and realizes he has a skill for speed is there that he comes up with an idea to escape of his people who do not see anything interesting and want to start a new life, but far away from it on the way he will find and make many friends. Combining avant-garde visual effects with the most advanced computer generated images, Monster Trucks is a film loaded with action, adventure and cars that fly through the air. The film is directed by Chris Wedge (Epic, The Secret World, Robots, Ice Age, The Ice Age) and the actors that are part of the cast of the film are Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse, The power of money) , Jane Levy (Evil Dead), Nobody Walks), Holt McCallany (The truth hurts, A night to survive) and Danny Glover (Space warriors, A death funeral).

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