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Miss Peregrine`s Home For Peculiar Children

Following in the footsteps of the film Jacob Portman (Asa Butterfield), in a 16-year-old teenager who is always behind some very hidden tracks on a remote island, he has a grandfather Abraham dies in a strange way. all the adventures are inside the memory of the young man, at the beginning of his search, Jacob find the ruins of Miss Peregrine, in a place where his grandfather lived, then he meets Emma Bloom, a very beautiful young girl who has the ability to manipulate the fire, after their meeting, both travel to the past to the year 1940 to meet Miss Peregrine, the lady director of a ruined orphanage that alongside many orphans, is caught in the line of time in a kind of bubble, where the protagonist is in a bar near the town, where he found many “holes” and the monsters burned his grandfather but how could he see them?

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