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Mazze Runner- Scorch Trial

Maze runner 2, full movie in Latin Spanish (test of fire), is the sequel to the saga of Mazze Runner and this time will tell us a new adventure that will have to face Thomas, protagonist of the story, in conjunction with your companions. This time they will have to confront one of the worst challenges for them, which is to find the intentions and location of the CRUEL organization, which is what has caused so much havoc in their lives. This adventure that will seem to have no end, will embark you to a place called the Burn, which turns out to be a place very similar to the labyrinth in which they had met long ago. Both Thomas, his friends and the Clarians will have to join forces to fulfill the mission of ending CRUEL that keeps them under their yoke, as well as discovering that they have up their sleeves as it seems they are one step ahead of them. They will have to face great dangers and once the decision to fulfill their mission is made there will be no turning back. Do you think they can escape and end with CRUEL before it’s too late?

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