Max 2- White House Hero

The best friend of man has returned once again to the screen, this time has his mission is to help and care for the son of the president of the United States. Help him out of various problems that the child is going to get along with the daughter of the president of Russia. Max 2 the hero of the white house, is a very funny movie that is about a dog that works as a secret service, and is of low for his motherhood. Max meets TJ, a 12-year-old boy, who is the president’s son. Since his father is very important, he has to make an effort to lead a normal life. During the visit of the President of Russia, he comes with his daughter Alex, TJ accompanies Alex and befriends her, and when the children get into trouble the dog Max, is the one who comes to the rescue to save them from the problem. movie that reveals a clear message and is the peace between countries, that despite the problems they have have to solve them together, this dog Max is a great dog ideal for the film, this breed of German shepherd dogs are very intelligent and usually they train in the United States for different activities. This dog actor has won the sympathy of many people including entire families, they have even come to buy dogs of this same breed and have placed their name in honor of this so special actor. Do not miss this movie so recommended especially for the smallest of the house. Genre, children’s comedy. It is a special story for children, it is very funny, originally from the United States.

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