This is a movie with a lot of action, it is a thriller story, based on robberies, it is a very moving story that you will not be able to distract for a second as it is a lot of action. It is about bank robberies, the investigators when doing their work, they discover that the director of the bank has a very close relationship with the robbers, he is a possible suspect, so they must clean their honor. The conspirators, will not let you move from your seat as the cast of actors is the likes of Oscar and Golden Globe, one of them is Bruce Willis, is a crime and action film written by Michael, directed by Steven C. Miller. It premiered on July 1, 2016, with a spectacular cast of actors. It is the story of an FBI agent, who follows the trail of bank robbers whose riot is in the habit of donating to charity. During the investigation, the agent discovers that the director of one of the banks has concealed the thieves in some way, which will create great confusion in the case. The FBI agent is in charge of keeping track of these modern Robin Hood, until he discovers that one of the directors of one of the stolen banks is covering up the thieves, this is something that creates a lot of confusion around the case and everything related to him. Once again Steven Miller returns once again to take charge of an action thriller, starring Bruce Willis, with whom I work in “Extraction”, this powerful name is joined by others like Christopher Meloni, Dave Bautista, Lydia Hull and Adrian Grenier. It is a highly recommended film since it is a lot of action, and it leaves a lot of teaching, it can be seen as a family. This movie is not recommended for children under 16 years old. This film is a genre of Action, Thriller. Its duration is 107 minutes. This movie was made in Canada. Its premiere was on July 1 of the year 2016.

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