Love And Friendship

Love and Friendship (2016) Love and Friendship is a film that is set in the year 1790 and tells the story of a Lady named Susan Vernon, who has just been widowed after the death of her husband and also has a daughter named Federica with only sixteen years old and is studying in a place for young ladies. Due to these events our protagonist will have to stay at the home of his brother Charles Vernon, however, is not very comfortable in that place for various reasons. On the other hand the wife of his brother-in-law, has many opinions about our protagonist because she is known for seducing men in exchange for something. In addition, Susan does not have enough economic freedom to be able to lead a good life, but she uses what little she has to love and seduce men in order to receive something in return, but she wants one to mainly fall into her network: wealthy Mr. De Courcy, but in turn, she will meet someone else. Likewise, he will do the impossible in order for his daughter to marry someone who can help them financially.

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