Kung Fu Yoga

Kung fu yoga film is a film that was written and directed by filmmaker Stanley Tong and starring Jackie Chan, Aarif Lee, Disha Patani, Sonu Sood, Zhang Yuqing among others. It tells the story of a man named Jackie who is an archeology teacher who decides to embark on an adventure together with an Indian teacher and her assistant in order to find a treasure that has been lost for centuries in Tibet. As they get deeper into the treasure hunt, our protagonists when they enter a cave find traces of what was a royal army in charge of protecting the treasure. But things begin to turn cloudy when a descendant of those who were part of the army begins to persecute them so that they take it to the treasure and claim it as their own. But Jackie together with her friends will make theirs to escape and find the treasure before their enemy. Do not miss the opportunity to delve into a story full of emotion and danger, to fulfill a single goal: find a treasure that could be important for the history of mankind.

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