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Jane Got A Gun

This film tells us about the young Jane who is married to a villain from the West, well known for all the misdeeds she has done with her gang, she is one of the most dangerous men in the West, one day her husband is in the street and intercepts a band of criminals where he is shot with 8 shots, survives. When he arrives at his house, his wife so bowed to him, the young Jane receives him and protects him, until he improves his physical condition, telling his wife who shot him she is surprised, because they were nothing more and nothing less than the band of the Bishop. His husband knowingly will come for him, after he recovers to finish the job. When Jane realizes this, this woman prepares to perform her revenge on behalf of her husband, without waiting for her to recover, with the help of a bitter enemy of her husband, a man in love with her, Jane will go to face the band of delinquents. After her outlaw husband returns home with 8 bullets in her body and barely alive, Jane reluctantly contacts a former lover she has not seen in more than ten years to help her defend her farm when the time comes when her husband’s band finally finds it to finish the job. Here in this film we can see how the exceptional protagonism of the female figure is claimed, a revenge drama of the post-civil war attractively made, with large shootings and well-placed turns. Its original title is Jane Got A Gun. It was made in the year 2016. Its duration is 98 minutes. It was made in the United States of North America. Its director is Gavin O’Connor, the screenplay was by Brian Duffield.

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