I, Daniel Blake

The film I, Daniel Blake, tells the story of a man named Daniel Blake, who is a 59-year-old carpenter who begins to suffer from heart problems and as a result will have to go to social services to help them with their problem . However, the doctor forbids him to continue working because if he continues to do so his health will worsen, then when in this situation our protagonist decides to ask the State for help, to ask for financial help, however, this is denied as he must get employment to receive their help, this being somewhat illogical as this can worsen their health. So our protagonist will be immersed in a series of problems that seem to have no end in order to get work before they imply a penalty. Throughout the story Blake will meet a young woman named Katie, who is a single mother and has two children, and she also has various personal problems to be able to feed her children. Both will face the various circumstances that are presented to them throughout the plot in order to survive and achieve a balance in their lives.

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