Highway To Hellas

This film tells the story of the financial crisis in Greece, the community of the island of Paladiki asks for a loan to the German bank to build a hospital and an energy plant, but as always by tradition the Germans do not trust the Greeks, they decide send Mr. Jorg Geissner, a worker of this German bank, to check that everything is well, that there is no problem. But when the protagonist arrives on the island, he realizes that nothing is built, and his trip becomes In a real problem, it is a real hell. However, the stay of this man despite the fact that there are so many problems as the films go by, things change, he realizes many things, and little by little he changes his mind, what this banker believed about the Greeks , and of Grecia.La movie is a very funny comedy, do not stop seeing it since this German man after living with the Greek population, he realizes that they are another type of people to which he was accustomed to be told.Jorg works in Germany in a German bank, this bank will finance the construction of a hospital and a power plant for a small island in Greece, the bank to the doubts and misgivings that generates everything related to Greece and its inhabitants, send to this Mr. to review and control their investments, upon arriving at their destination, he realizes that there is nothing built. What for Jorg begins as a terrible experience this trip, in a remote place where everything in his alred edor is problems and pure bad news, as the days go by and in contact with the people of the island, Jorg will change his opinion about the people that inhabit this island. The date of the movie premiere was on April 22, 2016 Duration is 1 hour and 29 minutes. It was directed by Aron Lehmann. The cast of actors we have, Christoph Maria Herbst, Adam Bousdoukos, Akilas Karazisis, among others. His genre is Comedy, it was made in Germany.

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