Evil Nanny

Arriving at the big screen is a movie not recommended for children under 12 for its content of drama and terror. Secret intentions is an excellent film of suspense and horror, directed by Jared Cohn and written by Naomi L. Selfman which will make you spend 110 minutes full of intrigue.
At the moment that Fay returns from her job after having had a maternity leave, her husband and she make the decision to hire a girl named Jen who is a nanny that they install at home, this is responsible for caring to her son while both are working. At first everything was perfect, but without spending much time Jen neglects her obligations, producing a safety accident making Tripps make the decision to fire the girl but she refuses to leave.
From that moment they discover that the nanny is skillful and capable of turning their lives into a complete and very bad nightmare. Evil Nanny (secret intentions) will undoubtedly keep you full of suspense and intrigue throughout the film, which makes it perfect to see it with an adult.

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