Everything, Everything

This film tells us about the story of Maddy, is a teenager who has lived quietly and protected at home, throughout his life, at seventeen years and has never left the outside world. The only people he has seen are his mother and his nanny. His life takes an unexpected turn, when he meets Olly, his new neighbor, and awakens in her feelings that he had never experienced and falls madly in love with him. Maddy is 18 years old. and she suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency and she has remained inside her house all her life, this girl is very happy until she meets an Olly boy, she is a boy who moves to the house next door, she is new to the neighborhood, these guys start to like each other and start talking through text messages, little by little they get to know each other. The girl realizes more than ever everything that is being lost by not being able to leave her house, all the beautiful experiences of life, do not miss it, it’s a beautiful love story. The disease that the film tells us, about this young woman, is allergic to the world around her. It is a novel located in the genre of young adult published by the American author Nicola Yoon, this book is about the story of a young girl with a very special disease, known as the bubble child, which is that it has no antibodies to counteract all the bacteria present in the outside world. Its premiere date has not been decided yet, its time duration is one hour and thirty six minutes. It is directed by Stella Meghie. It is of Romantic genre and Drama. It was made in the United States of North America.

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