End Of A Gun

Decker is a former agent of the DEA, is the department of the administration for drug control, who lives very badly exercising security guard of a shopping center. Although he basically limits himself to observing and informing his parents about everything that happens during the day, he can not avoid getting involved in different conflicts when in the parking lot he observes a man hitting his girlfriend. After the fight between the aggressor and his girlfriend who hit, this accidentally dies putting Decker in a tremendous mess. Lisa, the woman who has saved, proposes to steal the car deposit that the groom took care of, but the owner of the money is not willing to let him escape so easily. Decker, in addition to losing his job, may face a long sentence. , inside a vehicle finds 2 million dollars that were destined to a drug dealer who is not willing to lose his money. This is a very well made film because with these actors you can see that we are going to like it a lot, you can see it with your whole family, if you are a fan of suspense and crime movies, and who has not seen Steven Seagal movies, He does not know about movies, since he is a super known actor and nothing else to go and see him perform. You should not miss him. This movie will leave you with a lot of tension from the beginning to the end, do not miss it. The film is very hard to kill hard 87 minutes, it was made in the United States, the music of this film was created by Michael Richard Plowman, and his cast of artists is Steve Seagal, Florin Piersic Jr., Jacob Grodnik, Jonathan Rosenthal. This film is directed by Keoni Waxman, is of genre action, suspense and crime, was realized in the United States of North America.

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