Dragonheart- Battle For The Heartfire

Drago, the magnificent dragon that unites his Heart to the King of Britain undertakes a new adventure in the fourth installment of Dragonheart 4. In this production of the fantasy genre, the director Patrik Syversen continues the story that began between a Dragon and a Knight with a code of Honor, this time a new event will mark the beginning of this magical adventure. After so many fights and adventures that Drago and the King have lived, a crucial moment for both of them comes, the King’s death reveals to Drago that his heart is still united and he goes out in search of an answer. He discovers that Walter the beloved son of the King who had disappeared, lived for years in the depths of the forest, there he formed a family and two children were born, which cost the life of his beloved wife. Their grandchildren, the twins Edric and Meghan, inherited their powers which makes them potential heirs to the throne. Upon learning of the possibility that both have to assume the throne, arises among them a fight in which they use the powers of Drago to compete without contemplation to see who remains at the head of the kingdom. But the real battle should not be between them, Something more important than the throne is at stake, and is that the source of Drago’s power known as the Heartfire is stolen, and both twins should join efforts to recover it, for it will wage the most epic battle ever seen.

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