Diary Of A Wimpy Kid- The Long Haul

This movie by Century Fox called “Diario de Greg: A Journey of Crazy 2017”, is about a boy named Greg, who will have to go on a car trip, together with his family to visit his grandmother, the which is on his 90th birthday and it is a very special event for his family. However, in Greg’s plans there are other things because, in that same city there is a videogame convention and he does not think about missing it, so he starts to use his creativity to get away from his family and be able to attend the games convention and enjoy the moment. It is at this point where the adventure begins, which is called Greg’s Diary: A journey of crazy people. Things that Greg will have to face are incredible. From the beginning you can see that the movie will be completely crazy since it is about a humor movie. Greg will meet his friends in the city where his grandmother lives and also , get new friendships, l which will help Greg achieve his goal of going to the video game convention. But these friends are not the ones to help them since they are a bit clumsy and it is something that Greg notices from the beginning, however, he knows that he can not do it alone, so he accepts his help, while he does everything possible not to be discovered by his parents. His parents are a little strict and despite supporting Greg in many things, they want him to be present in the birthday of his grandmother and are aware that the video game convention, is something that can entertain him a lot and make him miss this important family event.

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