It is a film that tells us all the events that existed in the year of 1991, where President George HW appointed Clarence Thomas as Federal District Judge, after the accusations of sexual harassment on the part of Anita Hill, in an interview with the FBI that was filtered in the dam, everything became a scandal, to the point of putting the country in Jacke.Confirmation, is a film that is based on the appointment of a judge in the Supreme Court in the United States, is note in the filming of this film that will be involved in an unprecedented scandal when his former partner sentimental reveal a secret that had well guardado.El secret shared with all social communicators, and was the harassment that this friend would suffer on the part of This Judge, a scandal. This is a Drama produced by Hbo along with ABC, do not stop seeing it, it’s a movie that you can not get distracted by in other things. I recommend it to you.This movie is a true drama since it is related to a scandal that will involve the protagonists. This meticulously elaborated, has powerful interpretations, is intended to offer something less passionate and although it contains good interrelations and a great story, offers something less enlightening less entertaining. The plot of this film is very interesting, it leaves us a great teaching that tells the story of a young lawyer who is harassed by the judge, when she sees herself in that situation she does not stay silent, and she does it in the public light turning into a big scandal, besides that and I think that is the most important part of the film which, makes us see the rights we have as human beings to denounce different harassments that are presented to us in life. Sexual harassment, modern interracial relationships for American society. It is a film that is worth seeing and understanding as it guides us a lot for our lives. This is a film directed by Rick Famuyiwa. His cast of actors is the likes of Kerry Washington, Wendel Pierce, Greg Kinnear, among others. His genre is drama and Biography. It was made in the United States of North America. Its duration is approximately 110 minutes.

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