The next month of August is preparing to receive on the big screen a film that is based on real events, it is about ?? Churchill 2017 ?? a film directed by the Australian Jonathan Teplitzky. Churchill a real life story Brian Cox is the actor who plays Winston Churchill a British politician and statesman known for his leadership during the Second World War, this is the main character of the film. Churchill is the prime minister of the United Kingdom and the The tape recounts what he experienced the last 48 hours prior to the day D.The day DAl mentioning the D day is referred to June 6, 1944, was the day that the Normandy landings began where more than 150 thousand soldiers invaded the Upon seeing Churchill you will know the delicate situation that the British Prime Minister experienced when he had to confront several of his generals and some American allies at that time, before taking decisions lightly that they put in I play the life of many people. Inspirational speeches In the movie Churchill you will realize that the one that this character had a great leadership ability, his speeches mobilized the British troops, gave them the courage to keep the fight against Nazi Germany. Film 2017 churchillChurchill film 2017 is based on the writings of the historian Alex von Tunzelmann, it shows a first Minister intensely concerned about the delicate situation that is experienced in the Second World War, makes see the human part of those who have the responsibility to make decisions that try to have a better future for their people.

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