Cars 3

Lightning McQueen, a well-known veteran Piston Cup racer, must demonstrate to others what he is capable of to remain the best racer in the world. The film features the great thunderbolt McQueen, the fastest and boldest race car in the world. history, but the years have passed and he is the most veteran of the circuit, in this new adventure he wants to show everyone his unwavering power of speed more renewed than ever and that he can still win a race and that he does not need to retire. In this new delivery of cars 3, our beautiful red car, the best and most loved by all children and adults will have to measure up to a new generation of runners much younger than him, powerful and fast. The new generation of cars threatens to change the race sport of cars Among them is the competitive and revolutionary Jackson Storn. In order to win the Lightning McQueen race, there will be a new coach named Cruz Ramírez, a young and beautiful yellow racing car. Along with Lightning McQueen will be his great friends from the city Radiator Springs, such as the crane Mater, his girlfriend Sally and the owner of the Ramone workshop. The race will be very hard for Rayo, since it will be a new adventure that will go through historic places in America.

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