Captain Underpants- The First Epic Movie

From the genre of animated films, soon on the big screen a new production for all audiences, especially for the youngest of the house, comes from the director David Soren and based on the book Day Pilkey, the adventures of El Capitán Briefs a US movie , the last production of Dream Works Animation. It’s about two children whose names are George and Berto elementary students, lovers of comics, spend a great part of their time drawing and painting their own comics, create a character that they call the Captain Underpants This is a new character, is represented by a super hero who has some super elastic elastic pants and is dedicated to fighting terrible villains. These children are super naughty, and with all their antics have gotten out of control of the school director, Mr. Carrasquilla, who does not know what to do with them because they have managed to annoy him and all the teachers. The great adventure begins the day that the director of the school, already tired of the situations that cause these little ones decides to separate them from class, George, inseparable friend of Breto, before the fear of seeing one another away from the other uses his hypnotizing ring and surprisingly manages to hypnotize the Director, taking a big surprise. Believing that they have hypnotized, they manage to obey them so they do not change class. They discover that the power of the underpants captain activates in the director turning him into the superhero of his comics every time someone clicks the fingers, and the only way out of the hypnotic situation is to throw water on it. Now everything is complicated for these little ones because they must find a way to reverse the situation but everything escapes them from the hands. Do not stop to see how they solve all this imbroglio.

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