This film refers to its anime catalog, its cinematographic adaptation of the homonymous manga created by the author Tsutomu Nihei. Killy is one of the characters in the film, he is a man of few words, who walks through a gigantic and dangerous concrete labyrinth and steel, fighting with killer alien robots that kill whoever crosses them on the way. Its purpose is to find human beings who have a Network Terminal Gene. That is why his journey during the film will be relentless will stop at nothing. Blame is a cartoon-like cyberpunk movie, where Killy its protagonist appears from nothing, as a savior of humanity existing on earth, of its fatal destiny. He holds the reins of the film at all times, both in good and in evil. Although it seems that you want to show another character as protagonist giving you even more minutes, it is Killy who truly possesses the answers of everything and who should have focused more on the script. It’s a bit complicated film since it has a main story with other secondary ones, it does not reach two hours of shooting, it leaves us many unknowns about it, for example the protagonist is a very closed person and overnight there are some humans who trust him and take a trip they do not know if they come back alive. I recommend them, it is a movie for the whole family, especially young people, they will love it. Its duration is not so long, that’s why it is very entertaining. The end of the film contains many unknowns that answers, and leave us with the feeling that we should have done much more, or at least, have made a more closed end .

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