Bastille Day

Attack in Paris is a film that premiered in 2016 and was under the direction of filmmaker James Watkins in this tells us the story of Michael Mason, who is a man who spends most of his time stealing portfolios from others in order to have some money. However, one day by chance, our protagonist steals the wallet from someone who had very important information related to the CIA, that is why he will be persecuted to give them the wallet. Sean Briar who is an agent of the CIA will be responsible for pursuing him to have the information before it falls into the wrong hands, however, he will realize that our protagonist has no idea that what he just stole is part of a criminal conspiracy, he is simply a pawn inside a chessboard. After this discovery Sean will decide to speak with the young man in order to recruit him and convince him to help him in the investigation and to discover the truth after all that happened.

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