Baby Driver

Baby the crime apprentice, original title ?? Baby Drive ?? is a film directed by Edgar Wright, with Ansel Elgort as Baby, Kevin Spacey as Doc and Lily James as Deborah, as well as Eiza Gonzales, Jon Hamm and Jaime Foxx, who are part of the main cast of the film. action and comedy that will be in theaters for the end of July, its plot focuses on a young and talented driver who specializes in escaping any robbery in an impeccable and incredible way. Which, uses music to be the best at what he does, his name is Baby, but his unusual and impressive talent is in the hands of Doc the crime boss for whom he works. The plot takes place at the moment in which Baby the apprentice of the crime falls in love and is that, when finding to the girl of his dreams what is waitress in a restaurant, call Deborah, is not totally satisfied with what he does and in addition to being tired of the orders that gives him Doc.So he sees an opportunity to escape and decides to make one last escape, moving away once and for all from the world of crime, but his boss will not let him go so easily, so, be to prevent Baby from retires from the business forever, threatens to hurt Deborah if he makes the decision to retire. This leaves Baby under the orders of Doc, who plans to send him as a driver to a robbery, but everything gets complicated when it goes wrong and Baby should use the maximum or his talent, skills and the best of his soundtrack, to not only save himself, but also his girl and thus be free of this last challenge. So, we just have to wait for the date to be able to see Baby the HD crime apprentice making amazing escapes behind the wheel.

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