Atomic Blonde

The sexy Oscar winner, Charlize Theron, comes back to the screens of the seventh art to survive in the world of British espionage, wrapped in a series of situations that will solve at any cost, this is how it is shown in Atomic Film 2017. the movie show for this year 2017, is the Atomic film; directed by David Leitch and starring the eternally beautiful and sensual Charlize Theron. On this occasion the actress will play the role of a British intelligence agent, being trapped in a network where nothing is what it seems. The Atomic film 2017 is based on the decline of the Cold War, in 1989 with the convulsion of the Berlin wall about to fall; a spy of the dead MI6 appears, and with his death a list with the names of all the spies of East Berlin that was going to be taken to the West disappears. It is there when Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) appears a secret service agent considered of great value for his preparation and skill. The spy is sent to Berlin to collect information about the strange murder of her companion; in the middle of a series of situations it is necessary to join the head of the section of the German capital, David Percival (James MsAvoy). Between the two they use their innumerable skills to exterminate the imminent danger that lies in wait for all the spies, including them. Atomic is espionage, sensuality and fierceness alike; so, you should not miss this movie.

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