Ant-Man And The Wasp

A new story awaits Ant Man after having supported Captain America during the Civil War, facing Iron Man, but this time he will not be alone. The Wasp will accompany him after receiving his costume made by Hank Pym. This morning the first trailer of this new installment of Marvel was released, where Scott Lang faces a new life with repercussions after the confrontation between the Avengers. The consequences of his actions with Steve Rogers, force his team to flee the American justice and also face a new threat that would be Sonny Burch, played by Walton Goggins. Hope Van Dyne can support Scott thanks to his Wasp costume that has wings and explosives, which generates a claim from Lang to Pym. In this first advance you could see much action using the properties of these heroes to shrink or enlarge things, but surely later Marvel will give more clues.

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